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Class Descriptions

We offer Group Yoga Classes for all levels, everyday. Drop-ins are welcome. Mats are available for use.

All Levels Yoga

To start the day off right, all levels (including beginners) are welcome to attend this well-rounded yoga class. It begins with a centering meditation, then moves into a physical warm-up to prepare for a varied asana (pose) sequence. It may include Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya (energy balancing) techniques, mantra (sound), mudras (hand gestures), and/or Restorative Yoga poses. It will culminate with a deep Savasana (resting pose) with optional aromatherapy. 75 Minute Class, $15 (M/W/F 8am); 90 Minute Class, $18 (Sat. 9am).

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Beach Yoga (June-September)

Put some sand in your practice and enjoy a yoga class on the beach! All Levels Welcome. Please meet at Whale Park (corner of 3rd & Hemlock), across the street and just North of the studio. Mats will not be provided. Please bring a beach towel to practice on and anything else that you need to sit comfortably. Please dress in layers. Class is weather dependent. 60 Minute Class, $15 (Sun 11:30am).

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Chair Yoga

This gentle yoga class is practiced while seated or using a chair for support. The adapted Hatha Yoga postures are designed to build strength and flexibility and improve circulation through movement that is linked with the breath. Recommended for beginners, those new to yoga or those nursing an injury or illness. 60 Minute Class, $12 (M/WF 9:30am).

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Gentle Stretch

This class will be primarily on the floor to accommodate deep stretching. Class focus will rotate between hips, twists, shoulders, backbends, and forward bends. Beginners and returning students welcome. 60 Minute Class, $12 (Wed. 4:00pm; Sat. 11am)

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Gentle Yoga

Open to all students endeavoring to find a therapeutic relationship with Yoga. We will use self-massage techniques, low-intensity vinyasa asana practice and restorative poses to help each individual discover their personal Yogic needs. We will focus on using Yoga as a tool to balance energetically and physically. Classes may also touch upon Chakra theory, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Pranayama among other practices. Students are encouraged to come with questions or themes that interest them, but most importantly a "Beginner's mind." 60 Minute Class, $12 (Sun.10am).

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This class will explore meditation through the lens of Kriya (energy balancing) techniques. The techniques will include Mantra, Mudra and visualization to balance the energy in the Charka System. Expect some gentle movements, stretching and pranayama (breathing techniques) to prepare to sit for meditation. All Levels are Welcome. 60 Minute Class, $12 (Mon. 4:00pm).

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Moving Into Meditation

This class will offer an opportunity to take the time to prepare the spine and the joints for the seated practice of meditation. The first two-thirds of class will focus on mild, gentle movements that will prepare the body for the final third of class where we will explore a guided meditation. Meditation topics may cover Intention, Philosophy, Chakras and other relevant topics. All Levels Welcome.60 Minute Class, $12 (Tues. 4:00pm).

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is active relaxation. Reclined positions supported with bolsters & pillows stimulate and relax the body, moving it toward balance. No experience necessary, available to most fitness levels. Class size is limited to 10, preregistration is recommended. 90 Minute Class, $18 (1st & 3rd Friday of the month, 6:00pm).

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Strengthen & Stretch

An all levels class designed to cultivate strength and balance. Hand held weights and resistance bands are used to challenge all your major muscle groups while you squat, press lift and curl. Come to move, breathe and sweat in a way that leaves you feeling energized and strong. Various stretching techniques are incorporated throughout the class to improve your balance, posture and flexibility. All levels welcome. 60 Minute Class, $12 (T/TH. 8:00am).

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Yoga Sweat & Restore

This class will incorporate the best of all yoga practices in one package. Using an assortment of Kriya (energy balancing) techniques, Mantra (sound), Mudra (hand gestures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) aromatherapy, and visualization, we will move thru a meditation, a warm-up and then a yoga flow to build heat in the body. The cool down will include some longer held stretches (yin poses). We'll finish with a Restorative pose and then Savasana. Each class will be different and could be structured based on anatomy, season, philosophy, and/or technique. 90 Minute Class, $18 (M/W 5:30pm).

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