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The Magic of Essence Declaring w/ Michele Duncan King, C.E.C.

October 20, 2018 1pm - 3pm

Find more joy, authenticity, clarity, and power ... and watch the MAGIC show up!

In this introduction to Laura Lavigne's Essence vs Form, you will begin to recognize your Core Essences as they bubble up to the surface; understand the distinction between Essence and Form; and experience the benefits of learning to “Speak Essence.”

  • You will learn how to:
  • EXTRACT from real-life examples.
  • ASK very powerful, intuitive Simple Questions.
  • DECLARE your own Essences to, from, and around you.
  • $40, No experience necessary.

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or call Cannon Beach Yoga Arts at 503-440-1649.

Michele Duncan King, C.E.C.

Michele is a Certified Essence Coach in the Essence vs Form TM process, and she offers coaching from her home office in Cannon Beach. Michele is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has treated hundreds of people in her career. She has over two decades of small business management experience, including being voted “Best of the Best Massage Company” in the South Denver Metro area. In addition, Michele is a lifelong student of the ancient Enneagram personality system which she uses as a tool in her practice. Michele takes a holistic approach to personal coaching using a highly effective blend of makes-sense skills and unique, practical, and creative tools and resources. She enjoys being of service to others to help “organize and edit” their lives, to discover the Essentials, and uncover/discover a greatly transformative increased level of joy, authenticity, clarity, and power.